A new paradigm in monitoring freshness: Freshpoint Quality Assurance becomes EVIGENCE SENSORS™

HAIFA, Israel & HOBOKEN, N.J. – Feb. 6, 2019 –  — Yoav Levy, Co-founder and CEO of Freshpoint Quality Assurance announced this week that the company will be officially changing its name to EVIGENCE SENSORS™ as of Feb. 3rd, 2019.

Yoav explained that the new name would better reflect the technology and overall value proposition of the growing company: “EVIGENCE SENSORS™ exists to make a positive impact, crossing the divide between safe consumption and needless waste for a wide variety of perishable products. We are globally recognized pioneers who strive to empower people with the ability to make better-informed, real-time decisions on products in their possession.”

The company has been working with leading brand owners for a number of years to help improve product supply chains, ensure customer satisfaction and decrease waste. Recent years have seen a strong industry trend towards adopting intelligent packaging solutions, including the Visual Freshness Sensors that the company develops. To this end a new sales and marketing office was opened in 2018 in Hoboken NJ to spearhead growth in North America.

“True to our name, EVIGENCE enables an intelligent view of the evidence,” explains Yoav. “Our products are small sensors engendering a big change in monitoring the shelf-life of perishable products.”

The company is the creators of Visual Freshness Sensors for safer consumption and more responsible product handling across the chill chain. These sophisticated sensors, taking the form of low cost, self-adhesive labels, change color or shape to indicate the true remaining shelf life of the product they are attached to.
In addition, the company has developed proprietary machine learning technology enabling smartphones to read the sensors, thereby creating a “connected package”. This offers multiple advantages to brand owners, from supply chain data analysis and security via blockchain, to direct channels of engagement with end consumers.
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