About Evigence

We’re on a mission to redefine fresh

Our Freshness Management System combines sensors and data analytics to empower food brands, retailers, and foodservice providers to measure and manage the freshness of foods in real time, at the unit level, from end-to-end across the supply chain, helping them make better decisions as they handle, store and transport food.

Evigence operates commercially out of Hoboken, New Jersey while its R&D Operations are primarily located in Yokne’am, Israel. The company holds 25 granted patents and is one of just two companies globally meeting strict World Health Organization standards for vaccine vial monitoring. Originally founded with a focus on healthcare, Evigence licensed its technology for vaccines in 2016 and pivoted to the monitoring and management of fresh foods.

How do we redefine Fresh?
We use data instead of date codes to manage freshness.

Fresh food starts to spoil as it is exposed to time and temperature. In fact, just one degree of temperature change can add or subtract 10% of food’s remaining “fresh life”. But existing date codes do not account for temperature variations in food’s journey from farm to fork.

Because of these unmeasured temperature fluctuations, the actual remaining life of fresh foods is often double or half of what is indicated by the date code. This discrepancy can lead to the waste of perfectly good food, or the consumption of unsafe food. Evigence is here to solve for that.

Evigence Freshness FrontierTM

Use real time freshness data to
optimize your fresh foods

The Evigence Advantage

Our solution is powered by a strong technology platform and partner network that allows us to deliver best-in-class service to our customers.

Best-in-class accuracy

Evigence is just 1 of 2 companies globally meeting strict World Health Organization standards for time/temperature monitoring of vaccines

Scalable production

Fabless sensor production and partnerships with leading global printers allow for high volume and short supply times

Retail unit application

Our low-cost sensor technology enables us to apply sensors to each retail unit, providing more nuanced insights than solutions at the pallet or case level – and extending our reach directly to consumers

Flexible configuration

Our sensors and software can be configured to measure and manage shelf lives of hours to months, and designed to integrate with your branding and systems

Digital + physical interface

Freshness data is provided both digitally (via camera / computer vision-based scans of sensors) and physically (via sensor color change), enabling “at a glance” freshness reads beneficial to retail or consumer environments

Patent protected

Evigence holds 27 granted patents for a range of products and designs

Use real time freshness data to
optimize your fresh foods