Cold Chain Freshness Monitoring

Optimize freshness in real time across the supply chain

The Challenge with Fresh

Managing fresh foods is difficult, as small differences in time and temperature exposure for each unit throughout the cold chain lead to outsized impact on freshness and remaining shelf life.

The lack of visibility into food’s actual remaining freshness creates challenges for D2C food brands and online grocers:


of consumers prioritize fresh

59% of consumers prioritize the
quality of fresh offerings when
choosing where to buy food, but
often encounter inconsistent fresh


value of profits

Retailers waste 2x the value of their
profits due to the difficulty of
managing fresh inventory


food shipments rejected

Over 10% of fresh food shipments
are rejected upon arrival due to
inconsistent handling in the supply


Cold Chain Freshness Management

Evigence’s Cold Chain Freshness Management combines sensors and data analytics to enable real-time optimization of freshness across the entire supply chain.


Sensors are applied at the moment of production or packing, at the retail unit level, to react to aggregate temperature exposure over time


Sensors are scanned digitally and read physically throughout the supply chain – in transit, at retail, or by the consumer – for an instant read of remaining freshness


Scan data is uploaded to the Evigence Insights Engine for analytics, visualization and generation of insights for corporate users

Freshness data collection and insights
in real time from farm to retail

Start improving freshness across your
cold chain and improve your bottom line

Optimize freshness, optimize your bottom line

Optimize fresh
supply chains

Manage food’s freshness as it travels from the point of production to the point of sale

  • Respond in real time to breaks in the cold chain and re-route shipments based on remaining freshness
  • Identify patterns by geography, carrier or seasonality to avoid compromised freshness in the future
  • Reduce load rejections upon arrival, or take them down to the case or retail unit level

Optimize in-store freshness

Manage food’s freshness in the grocery or foodservice environment

  • Rotate inventory based on remaining freshness to extend shelf life, improve sell-through and reduce shrink
  • Enable freshness-based dynamic pricing to improve margins
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone date codes generated in store, or add back date code “safety days” from the manufacturer

Optimize consumer engagement

Empower the consumer to take action in freshness

  • Provide a freshness guarantee to the consumer at the point of sale to increase customer loyalty and sales
  • Develop data-driven engagement strategies to boost customer loyalty and sales
  • Invite consumers to practice “fridge management” through in-home freshness scans
  • Engage consumers with freshness management tips, purchase alerts and targeted promotions via your branded app

Customizable Sensors and Dashboards for Optimal Freshness

View and manage freshness at a glance on unit level.


Our patented cost-efficient sensor technology enables us to apply sensors to each retail unit, providing more accurate insights than solutions at the pallet or case level.

Do you have a specific sensor design in mind? We can customize it to your request.


Customize your dashboards to track freshness across the entire supply chain.
Instantly identify drops in freshness to take appropriate action.

Start optimizing freshness across your
supply chain and extend food’s shelf life Get in touch

Customer Testimonials

Get a new perspective on freshness. Hear it directly from our customers.

With Evigence, we've redefined freshness management for our deliveries, helping differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing our customers with a guarantee of quality and freshness. In fact, 99% of our customers felt more comfortable in the freshness of the foods received, which we expect to translate to higher retention and sales.

Johan Jonker
Founder & CEO
Fleisherei Group

At Marley Spoon we are data driven and customer obsessed. Evigence has given us a tool to reach 100% quality compliance, and make sure that our customers experience the same confidence in freshness that we do.

Annaberth Van der Steege
Head of Production
Marley Spoon

Evigence has given us first-time visibility into the freshness of our ingredients when they arrive at our customers’ homes, which has been game-changing both for our operations and for building trust and loyalty with our customers.

Natasha Tahilramani
Head of Quality, Safety & Sustainability
Marley Spoon