Evigence Sensors at IFT19

The Institute of Food Technologies Event is an annual expo that features the newest products, latest trends, and cutting-edge innovations.  The event brings together the industry’s largest collection of food ingredient, food safety & quality, technology, equipment, processing, and packaging suppliers, to show visitors what’s next in the science of food. Over 1,000 exhibiting companies will be there presenting the latest global food trends and the products designed to address them.

Traceability Central is where attendees can hear firsthand about the latest advancements, technologies, and platforms being developed to address the world’s food traceability challenges. Presentation topics explored will include data sharing frameworks, data analytics and AI, innovations in traceability standards, blockchain advancements and more. In addition, Traceability Central will host a number of traceability solution providers who will be available to answer questions and share their latest products and technologies to help you solve your traceability challenges.

Evigence Sensors will not only be exhibiting at Traceability Central this year… CEO Mr. Yoav Levy will be presenting the company’s latest technologies and products and will be available to answer questions!

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