Freshpoint participates in Hack Pack, the Food Packaging Hackathon

The Hack Pack Hackathon is a new food packaging hackathon in Jerusalem, in which scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs compete to reduce food loss and waste by changing how food is packed. New ideas are embraced and encouraged, as a panel of judges chooses the most innovative ideas in the bunch.

Food packaging is everywhere and yet it often goes unnoticed. It plays an important role in food preservation, protection and containment. Packaging can also be used to provide information about the product inside, including the shelf life of the product.

Last month, Freshpoint Quality Assurance Ltd took part in this exciting event, spending a 24h period attempting to promote sophisticated, dynamic TTI technology. The presentation was a big success, attracting the attention of many of the judges as well as the Israeli channel 10 news program “Barcode”. As a result, last week channel 10 news came to our offices and conducted an interview with Gadi Arnon, our VP of Operations. Gadi talked about our dynamic solution and the advantages of providing shelf life information in real time.

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