Freshpoint Quality Assurance at Singapore’s Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week

Singapore’s first Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week investigated the growing role of technology in building an efficient, resilient and sustainable agri-food supply chain that can deliver fresh, nutritious food to today’s fast-changing consumer market.

International agribusinesses, indoor growers, food brands and ingredients manufacturers joined equipment manufacturers, entrepreneurs and investors to share innovation and experiences from around the globe, with a specific focus on:

  • The power of drones in precision farming of oil palm and rice
  • Empowering smallholder farmers through data and digitisation
  • Targeting protein innovation to healthy, sustainable aquaculture
  • Achieving supply chain traceability with big data and blockchain
  • Advances in plant science, robotics and lighting for indoor agriculture
  • Building commercial-scale vertical farming operations
  • Delivering targeted nutrition through food ingredient innovation
  • Harnessing the power of biotech in food: Gene editing and clean meat

As the regional agri-food innovation ecosystem grew, the summit explored the latest models for technology investment, incubation and commercialisation, and showcase the most exciting start-ups from around the world. Naturally, Freshpoint Quality Assurance participated in this fascinating event.

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