Survey: Label Confusion Leads Arizonans to Waste $944 of Food Annually recently published some interesting information about waste in the United States.

“A recent survey conducted by Klein Kitchen & Bath found that the average Arizona household wastes $944 worth of food each year. This is due to a number of factors, including label confusion and not wanting to eat items past their sell-by date. Many respondents claimed they were confused about the meaning of use-by and best-by dates and are most likely to throw away dairy products, meat, fish, bread and vegetables…

Klein Kitchen & Bath asked 3,200 households how much food they throw away each month and compared it to government data on grocery spending. The firm found that South Carolina households wasted the most at about $1,305 each year, while those in West Virginia wasted the least at about $405 each year.”

TTI technology makes sure consumers are using products at their optimal quality, as determined by their aggregate temperature histories. They save consumers money by ensuring they don’t discard products that are still consumable, thus eliminating waste.




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